Ilona Palasthy, mixed art

At a young age I (1960) – on the advice of the art teacher – took lessons at the Hazelhorstschool in Delft. An after-school activity center for creative development. This sparked my interest in art. Since then I have been continuously involved in many creative fields and extensively with art. For example, model drawing courses were taken at MK24 in Amsterdam and watercolor and pen drawings at Teekengenootschap Debutade in Hoorn.

In the meantime I have started to delve into various techniques at, among others, ‘t Open Atelier by Gertrud Wijnker and the BeeldhouwAtelier in Breda. Ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing and bronze are my interests at the moment. I find inspiration in Japanese prints and made a series of pen drawings of the same image of women in a varying ambiance, especially for the Exhibition in Kampen. On request I make portraits in ecoline of pets, dogs and cats. I consider it a challenge to master as many techniques as possible.


“Collecting techniques, from casting bronze to painting with acrylic or from making concrete statues to creating three-dimensional objects; the possibilities are limitless.”